Lake  Martin Louisiana the people who own land and living there are being harassed by Brian Champagne and his girlfriend Pam who his wife has no idea that she is Brian Champagne lover. Pam has called my mother Mary Lynn Chauffe 73 year old lady  a fat bitch and threaten to kick her ass. Brian has been threaten  Mike Guillory for testifying for shawn a local swamp tours guide who was attacked by Brian (with a assalt riffle) and one of his meth head workers.. Brians favorite saying is he can get away with any thing but murder because he is protected by local government and law enforcement. There is no equal protection under the law  from the law enforcement and local government in this parish and state.

‘’ Pam”
 Brian Champagnes girlfriend
IMG_3149 1

October 4 , 2015 Brian buys a used food trailer and October 25, 2015 builds a new walk way from main deck so his customers can buy hamburgers, fries, and jambalaya

October 28, 2015 Brian receives a letter from the board of health to remove his food truck. Brian puts this sign up on side of his building in protest accusing me and my mother of turning him in. The truth is that someone from the friends of lake martin wrote to them about the food truck. It show you that local government let that go on for 25 days without saying nothing to him till someone complained to them. Brian is above the law and this is another example of local government neglecting there derelict of duty to be fair and give equal protection under the law to all people . This business is sitting on a state owned dam and local government and state officials refuse to do there sworn duty's to enforce State laws and removed this illegal business operating on restricted zoned property. This is another example of local government not following the laws to protect or last natural resources we have left in our community.

Brian has been harassing MaryLynn Chauffe and Mike Guillory for the past 6 months. Brian has called the dog catcher three times over the last couple of months .He tould the dog catcher i was starving my dogs. After talking with the man several times the dog catcher said that Brian and his girlfriend Pam are the lowest life forms in the parish. 

Click on video to see Pam (girlfriend of Brian) and Brian (boyfriend to Pam)  act the coons ass to me while I try and do some yard work. This happens on a daily basis to me and my mother  and the local government and law enforcement refuses to tell him anything. We have a right to enjoy our property in peace.

(Pam’ s Boyfriend)

    This past May Brian started getting aggravated at my mother and in retaliation he tould me to tell my mom the she could suck his penis  Brian is really sick . if your a older lady around 72 years old beware because Brian might want you to suck his penis


November 3, 2015

Day 5 of the Iran Cajun war .  Brian is still protesting like a big baby coon ass who cant get his way throwing a big fit.


November 7, 2015

    Day 9 of the Cajun chump shack on Lake Martin. Brian is doing a good job running the local government with his  Cajun chump coon ass ways. As you see in the picture that Brian has scaped all the gravel from the road to make a parking lot along the fence. Just the day before the parish came out and put 7 loads of gravel. You can see in the picture they field in the ditch brian cut out while widing out the road and taken the gravel and dirt on the edge of the road. Now you can see were people are driving furture to the sides where there is no gravel. This is causing deep ruts and damage to the Lake Martin Dam.  The area where the parking resides is state restriced property controled by the State of Louisiana.

Cajun Injustice at Lake Martin Louisiana
staring Brian and Pam as the Proud coonass they try to be.

Noveber 7, 2015

November 8, 2015

November 8, 2015
Picture of road widing and deep ruts made by car and trucks going to brians store.
November 8, 2015
Ruts made  by 18 wheller as shown by picture above showing congesting along fence and road. You can see clearly in the picture above there is a 18 Wheeler parked alond the fence and there are no 18 wheelers or buses aloud on State owned dam of Lake Martin.
November 8, 2015
Picture showing Brians truck sticking out in the road cause the lanes to turn into one lane because of the cars along the fence .  There is only 20 foot of road way. I have lived here 17 years and have never seen the roads this bad.

Picture showing congestion and 18 wheeler parked on Lake Martin Dam.

October 4, 2015 Brian parks his
Cajun Chump Shack

October 6, 2015 Open for busness

November 11, 2015
Notice the tractor parked in front of store.  also notice deleivery truck and the new gravel in the road taken below on 11-8-15

November 11, 2015

Gravel from road pushed into Brians Parking lot next to fence. Someone from friends of Lake Martin reported Brian taken gravel off the road when Brian was doing airboat tours and the local law enforcement couldnt do anything about it because they didnt have a video of him doing it. Well how much proff do you need when the evidence is in your parking lot for your customers  . This is proff there is no law and order in this parish.


November 8, 2015

Before pictures of the gravel put down by the parish.

Word on the street is Brian has been watering the road and growing the gravel and the gravel in the parking lot was grown by him. Click on the arrow for a short video of Brian watering the road and threating the local Chauffe family who owns most of the land on the east side of the Lake.

November 12, 2015
Parking lot of Brians parking area
with gravel from from the road pushed into it
November 15, 2015
This is a picture showing where the bus was parked and the people from Brian tour  was just sitting in the road. You would think Brian would have enough inteligence to be out there monitoring the people saftey. Brians parking area is sitting on culverts that was put in the 1960,s. The Lake Martin dam was not designed for Buses and 18 wheelers. Please stay off the dam which is the road if you are a bus or 18 wheeler. Also i had to stop in the road and wait a couple of minutes till  the people realized I was there. The noise of the bus running blocks the noise of the car coming down the road.

Swamp guide dodges gator abuse charge

St. Martinville

St. Martinville “ Lake Martin tour guide Bryan Champagne probably would have  gotten away with thealigator bashing” if someone hadn™t posted a video of it on YouTube. Ironically it was the video that prompted the district  attorney™s office to drop the animal cruelty charge. “There is no way a  St. Martin Parish jury is going to find this man guilty of cruelty to  animals “ no way,” Assistant DA Chester Cedars told the Baton Rouge  Advocate™s Richard Burgess when the charges came to light. A difference  of perspective weighs heavily in this case. PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, describes the scene as Champagne “striking” the  alligator on the head with a “boat oar.” An oar is usually a pretty  substantial equipment, often made of hardwood. The actual video, which  PETA makes available on its website at http:/, shows Champagne up on the bank armed with a lightweight plastic kayak  paddle, fetching a baby alligator for his customers in the boat to hand  around and photograph. When the roughly 10-foot mama alligator objects,  Champagne smacks her on the nose with the kayak paddle. Anyone with  access to the web can judge for himself, but “smack” might even be  overstating it. The prosecutor, Cedars, uses the word “tapping.” Rather  than acting like some enraged Capt. Ahab, Champagne, in short pants and  jogging shoes, is nonchalant in his “abuse,” and it actually talking on  his cell phone the whole time, apparently booking another tour. Faced  with another video still on YouTube at (the gator bashing one was taken down), Champagne did plead guilty to  possession of a live alligator without a permit, a misdemeanor. He paid a $250 fine. PETA senior cruelty caseworker Kristin 

see-MOHN) insists the activity shown in the gator bashing video does  depict illegal activity and that PETA might continue to pursue the case. “Whacking a wild animal that is just trying to protect her young in the face with an oar, just in order to solicit her reaction, is obviously  cruel,” she said. “To do it for profit is amoral.”

Watch the video and notice Brian on the phone booking tours while the people are watching the aligator Cajun Coon Ass rodeo going on and Brian is harrasing a mother aligator protecting her nest. This guy says hes was born on the bayou teche.. I dont know about you but i was born in a hospital. His parents must be second cousins.
November 18, 2015
Day 20 of the stand off with me and my moms name on the side of this building. I drove by there today and Brians fat bitch girlfriend Pam shot me the bird when i drove by. People should be careful of this woman  she has a gun behind the cash register. People should also be carful of Brian too.  He carries guns in his truck and has assalt weapons in his house boat. Brian films everything in his store and the dvr is under the homemade table and shelf to the left when you walk into the store from the road side to your left walking inside. Its funny that he will show the video when he can use it against someone but if it shows him doing something wrong then he want show it.  Brian also leaves his boats there all the time.
People of Lake Martin are tired of the local government not dealing with the white trash Brian and Pam Champagnes at Lake Martin
November 19, 2015
    Brian adds a wall and a wood stove. Great idea to have a warm stove to keep the smokers warm outside in the winter. I wonder if the fire marshal approved this ?
November 20 and 21, 2015
The parish still hasnt tould brian anything about stealling gravel off the road for the parking and NOW Brian is using the Lake Martin Dam for RV Parking Camp Site that is sitting in the road also.

November 20, 2015

This is a picture of PAMs dog running loose in my yard on October 17, 2015. This dog runs loose on a daily basis until 11-20-15. The word on the street is that the dog ran in the street and got ran over because Pam was just letting the dog run loose. As you read Pam called themdog catcher several times on me for letting one of my dogs run loose. Well if you would folllow your concern the same way as you did mine then your dog wouldnt have been running around loose and be alive now. God does’nt like ugly. Well now the best part. After the dog was run over he ran down the lake Martin resident and pulled a machetty out and swung it around at him and tried to pull him out the car. He also treaten to burn and sink the mans house boat in the Lake. Everyone should take extream caution when dealling with this man. Lake Martin is not a safe place . We are just waiting for this man to go crazy and start running around the lake killing people like in france and the lafayette theator where people were killed.


November 23, 2015

Retard Brian put road cones in the road causing people not  have room to go around Brians customers  so they will have to stop and wait for his customers to move out the way.  The video shows that you are  forced to go into mud puddles causing more ruts in the road and more mud on peoples cars. This is a serious madder that the parish and State refuses to deal with.

November 23, 2015 I returned home about 7:00 am. I noticed a SUV drive up to Brians store. the SUV stoped for a min then drove on past in front of my house.The SUV stopped in front my house and then drove past and then backed up to my property. I then noticed a flashing light and i walked to the end of my driveway and saw Brian standing on his front porch of his house boat holding a assalt weapon pointing it at the SUV. The crazy coonass is mentally unstable and shouldnt be trusted out in public.

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